Hello, my name is Cai.

I’m a London based Product Designer, working over at Carwow.co.uk

About me

I’m a startup loving designer, who enjoys designing great products. Currently I help solve problems at Carwow.co.uk, the easiest way for you to buy a new car online.

Before Carwow, I previously have worked at Hassle.com & Absolute Radio. I have designed for screens, physical products and installations, including most recently an exhibition in the London Design Museum.

I’m a strong advocator of measuring what you ship; setting metrics allows the objectivity in design; If you'd like to hear more, feel free to contact me.

My work

Hassle application funnel

The Hassle.com application process for cleaners had certain metrics that needed to be improved. From discovery to build I led this project to try and beat our set success metrics. Read more


To help Hassle.com customers to find help, I led a project to integrate our product with Desks's help centre. I led this integration from discovery, design to build and review. Read more

Cleaner performance

This feature was built quickly with our CPO Jules, a way for cleaners to track their performance across 10 different performance stats. Taking a mobile first approach, this feature aimed to get quick feedback from our users. Read more

Cleaner onboarding

The main reason for cleaners churning from the Hassle platform is due to lack of engagement on the platform. Within the 248 hours, it was apparent that if cleaners didn’t get any cleans, they had a much higher chance of losing their interest on the platform. Read more