Cleaner performance

The problem

Cleaner performance is one of the most important aspects of Having great cleaners, who improve due to the feedback they receive is fundamental to our customers.

Previously, we relayed feedback through the app only via customer ratings. We wanted to create a range of ‘scores’ out of 10 cleaners could view to enable a better understanding on how they can improve as a cleaner.

Score categories

  1. Completing first bookings
  2. Completing third bookings
  3. Confirming bookings in advance
  4. Responding to change requests
  5. Bookings not clashing
  6. Getting positive reviews
  7. Reading messages
  8. Responding to new booking
  9. Responding to job offers
  10. Taking payment promptly


We built this feature over the course of a day and a half, as a first iteration of a extended feature after some user testing.

Testing, 1,2?

We rolled this feature out to a small pool of cleaners, who we shall be asking for feedback, as well as tracking performance rate, to see if the cleaners scores improve over time from using this feature.